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Hi, I'm Val,


Im a professional Photographer, lover of the neutral, warm, and boho tones, who is passionate capturing moments for a lifetime. I grew up in Colombia and I am an avid traveler and natural explorer, anywhere my camera takes me I will go. Photography has been apart of my life since my high school years, since then, the camera has becoming my best friend and partner of adventure. Now, I live in Northen California, with my husband, Bo, and my pup son, Ollie.


What I like to tell people is in the biggest moments of your life photography is at it's most important because it's not what you see, it's what you don't see that will surprise you beyond belief! That's my job, to show you everything beautiful that you saw and everything you missed; I want to create a genuine experience for you and make you feel joy when you are in front of my camera. 


I Find so much joy capturing the beauty, the natural moments and laughs, and love between others. It would be and absolute honor become your bestie in the most important events of your life.

Much love,


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